Trainees’ Awards 2020

Each year, our trainees undertake an achievement award based on range of activities and personal goals.

The main areas covered include:

  • Timekeeping and attendance
  • Working alongside others
  • Working alone on a task
  • Work motivation and effort
  • Communication
  • Set task of responsibility
  • Practical gardening skills achieved
  • Health and safety in the garden environment
  • Seasonal calendar
  • Personal goals

Three years ago, the garden staff divided into three mentoring groups with Richard, Henry and Colin providing support and guidance to the trainees and volunteers in their groups. Each of the gardeners is responsible for putting together the individual achievement awards and attending the annual review with their trainees.

The annual review involves the trainee, their carer, a gardener and two trustees. In the past at these reviews trainees have indicated areas of additional training they would like to undertake. This has included lawnmower operation, strimmer operation and rotavator operation, all of which include safety induction. In addition to completing tasks as part of their achievement award, we have 11 trainees with their own vegetable growing plot.

Last year the certificates were presented to the trainees on their return to the garden in March but, this year, they will be posted out due to the current situation.

Congratulations and well done to all our trainees for their hard work last year!