Our Garden and Shop

Early in the 2020 season, because we weren’t able to open the shop, the abundance of produce seemed as if it might become a problem. However, a solution rapidly presented itself and we were able to donate our surplus produce to a food bank run by Reach Across, a local charity that provides for vulnerable people.

One of the founding principles laid down by Cedric deVoil, when he set up HOPE 25 years ago, was that HOPE would work together with the local community and share our resources. Cedric was delighted by this summer’s action and HOPE has drawn wide praise and respect from all over the county and, more importantly, from funders. Later in the summer we were able to open up the shop in a limited way with ‘distancing’ but it was sad not to welcome people as we usually do.

We have recently had the annual organic Soil Association inspection and Richard is currently organising the garden ready for sowing and planting out, which is of course weather dependent. Daniel and Colin have been busy clearing out and washing down the polytunnels. Seed potatoes have been ordered and we have all the vegetable seed we need ready for the new season.